Sunday, December 30, 2007

Best Albums of 2007!

I've been on hiatus but coming back for a finale of 2007 was certainly in order. This year has certainly seen dance music in it's Sunday morning dress. I'm sure that the new Glass Candy album would be on this list (which I've been waiting for ALL year) but due to certain actions taken by spoil sports around Halloween time, I've been unable to hear it. Party poopers 1; Taste Makers 0. Enough of this downer, here's my list for 2007.

In no particular order:

Panda Bear
LCD Soundsystem (Fabriclive.36)
Roisin Murphy
Of Montreal
Jens Lekman
Rilo Kiley
Tough Alliance

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Farewell - Now Get Learnt

I have decided to not continue with my music blog for various reasons including school, dwindling and 'lack of' resources and honestly a lack of sincere interest. It was a fun experience and I certainly learned a lot, which was my intention.

In fact, I'm currently learning the ways of web and graphic design so there is a strong chance that I will be back (possibly under the same pseudonym) soon -- hopefully making money doing it. In the mean time, learnt yourself about net neutrality and take some action --> now. No wonder it's not getting coverage.

Save the Internet: Click here

*Feel free to take me off of your blogroll or leave it up for this cause - thanks to all for putting me there in the first place!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Motocade of Auckland, New Zealand

Motocade is a band from Auckland, New Zealand focusing on a multi-faceted sound stemming from the British rock discipline. Where they sound like The Strokes on one song, they turn around and pull off Muse on another -- my point; same country/sound, but very different approaches to making a good tune, giving Motocade the cake.

On their 2nd proper album, 'Into the Fall', 'My Friends' acts as the single; the song is self-described as generally pertaining to feelings, memories and people. A quirky song accompanied by a great video.

The tune that bibabidi and I are leaning towards though is 'Bomb Squad'. Great lyrics with raw emotion.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Liars Mp3 x 3

The running for my 'favorite album for the 2nd half of the year' has it's first contestant. LIARS with their new self-titled album, LIARS.

Amazingly, I dig this album after being null-setted from last years highly acclaimed Drum's Not Dead. My favorite song on that album was the first one, which didn't sound like ANY of the others. Go figure.

Here we have so many different sounds; worthy as a collection of 'The History of Indie Rock As We Know It, and Then Some'. I hear sounds from the likes of: Pavement, Death From Above 1979, Grizzly Bear, Porno For Pyros and truely so many more. Each sound plus it's respective lyrics go together as cohesive as it gets, and you can't forget about the psychedelic tunes speaking to the heart of the shroom-heads. Call it a concept album , call it art rock, call it zealous.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Swede Sunday - Swedish Love

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove

The Swedes continue their expertise in Swedish music again this week here on RawSteel's weekly special. Just when ya think you've seen the best of the tiny (relatively) country, they just keep coming. I think they're creating more acts than my feature can keep up with! There are a few more bands I wanted to feature this week, but figured this was enough. Next week you'll see a sultry trip-hop act from Sweden. A nice change of pace for an already multi-faceted sound. Don't forget to check out my other Swede Sunday's - you can find them on the left side bar above the flag.
sites used this week - - - - - -

Absolutely love Sally Shapiro, she's secretive. Beautifully executed in that she doesn't let anybody know about who she really is (in the real life), yet her music reassures that she'll be there always. Despite the craziness of what I'm apart of here (blogging), that is a true stance. You may have to listen before you feel what I'm talking about. herspace <---> her site

Sally Shapiro - I'll Be By Your Side


Throw back soundin', dance fulfilled. This here Cartwall is party crashin' with a sway. Who cares what this reminds you of, it's 2007 and we like to move! On theirspace is evidence of their diversity.

Cartwall - Frankie
Cartwall - Swe Could BeCloser


Love Will Tear Us Apart Feat. Hanna


Strip Squad - Hairless Youth of Bosnia


The Bear Quartet - Birds Are Singing Deep Within the Greenery

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Rawdio Show - Beastie Boys 2 hour History

Here we have 2 hours of straight up Beastie Boys
. I've spent this week rediscovering the history of the Beastie Boys and it's all collected right here in 2 hours. I geared the show more towards the music, so the facts are at a minimum but serve as perspective for what was going on at the time. Also, I've found interviews that fit in well with the music being played.

This show is for both fans of the Beastie Boys as well as non-fans, as I'm hoping to pluck some converts. I've found a few live songs as well as some less heard songs for the fans to invest in. Of course I don't play the hits because even if you aren't a fan, it's almost certain that you've heard the singles. The landmarks are what I'm concerned with here.

Even though it sounds like I'm reading from a paper, I'm not. This is my first radio rockumentary and Casey Kasum status is imminent. There's actually a part where mine and Mike D's voice have the same goofy high-low syntax.

The history is focused more about the philosophy and personal journey of the boys rather than the public one. What more can be said. Sit back and listen. The show starts taking off on #3 Paul's Boutique.

(The up to date guide to the Beastie Boys at this very moment on tour around the world. GREAT STUFF)

Cooky Puss (couldn't play this on the air, but wanted to)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swede Sunday - Swedish Love

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove.

Like usual, I'm bringing you the holiest Swedish music from around the globe...huh?

The First 2 entries come straight from one of my new favorite blogs: BiBaBiDi
One of the few blogs where EVERY post is well thought out + a great design

"Songs I Wish I Had Written, a Swedish pop label, has been behind many spectacular acts ... from the Lovekevins to Unarmed Enemies. The music on the label is consistently poppy and melodic and oh-so-charming, and I can't ever get enough of anything that's synthy and dancey. Clearly, Songs I Wish I Had Written is the label for me.

The newest release is Moto Boy. How to describe him? Hm ... imagine Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons) doing electro-pop with dancier hooks and beats.
Moto Boy has a very floaty, sweet voice, and in this case, I think it works perfectly. I bet he's super theatrical and dramatic when performing, but hey, good stage presence always spices up any show. "

Moto Boy - Blue Motor Bike

"Last year Familjen released an EP (some of the songs are below or up on the MySpace page)

One quirkier thing about Familjen is that Johan Karlsson (the one guy in the studio group) sings solely in Swedish! You never hear that anymore! It's always English these days! So I appreciate his willingness to stick to his mother tongue and work it from that angle. "

'Bring Me the Fucking Riot... Man - I Sold My Soul on Ebay'

As I was first watching this video, I was thinking about turning that dial, then the chorus hit. Hehaw. Remember when Bart Simpson sold his soul to Milhouse? ----Yea, that's right, the name of the band is 'Bring Me the Fucking Riot... Man'. -->>where i found this<<--

Loney, Dear - Saturday Waits'
"too cyoote"- Raw Steel

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Rawdio Show - "Nice Belt"

This week I just had a ton of music at my disposal, so I just played it all. The theme is new singles, which really made me feel like a legit Dj, ya know, making you wait and stuff. But here, you can obviously just fast forward to whatever you want. The official tracklist is below this here imeem gadget. I do love me some imeem, it doesn't allow a patron of my site to download my music, but it's a great place to store and play stuff effortlessly.

I am quite un-rehearsed and rather corny in the studio on this one, and it shows - that can still be entertaining though. 6.02 is by far my best show yet - but hey, it's all about the music, right? This show delivers in that department.

A lot of these tunes can be found on the left-side-bar (including the video of 'Bat For Lashes' that I rave on-and-on about).

Down below on my playlist, I've put an * next to music from Sweden, and a ^ next to tunes that are so fresh, they're raw.

New Pornographers - Unguided^
Bowerbirds - In Our Talons
Blitzen Trapper - Sci-Fi Kid^
Peter Bjorn & John - Tailormade*
The Tough Alliance - Miami*
Architecture in Helsinki - Heart It Races (as played by Dr. Dog)
The Loose Salute - Mutineer
Liars - Sailing To Byzantium^
Beastie Boys - Electric Worm^
Bat For Lashes - What's a Girl To Do?
The Delicious - Seperated at Birth
Justice - Genesis^
Boy vs. Bacteria - Bloody Rainbow*
Hypo - Naughty Places*
Super Multifaros - Dr. Kreffer*
Kalle J - Mauricio Espinosa Alvarez*
Totally Michael - Cheerleaders Vs. Drill Team
Ghostland Observatory - Silver City

The Shout Out Louds - Tonight I Have to Leave It (Kleerup Remix)^
Boom Bip - One of Eleven^

Taken By Trees - Lost & Found (Victoria Bergsman)^*
Mum - Dancing Behind My Eyelids^
Interpol - Heinrich Maneuver^

Dan Deacon - Snake Mistakes
Liars - Clear Island^
Spoon - The Underdog^

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Curious Commentary on That New Girl Voice

I've been loving me a lot of tunes with male producers and female vocalists. To keep a long and drawn out curiosity rant short, who is this girl? (This is part wonderment, and part fun by the way - needless to say, my charts show a spike in random female vocalists just kind of showing up and leaving without proper introduction. Yes, a little bit of research could work wonders, but hey, I'm a blogger.

Most likely these 2 songs
do have the same girl in them because of the Justice/Simian link
Justice - The Party
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler

These 2 just sound all too alike
Lindstrom - Music on My Mind
LCD Soundsystem - Freak Out/Starry Eyes (the second half)

... and these 2 are just sexy
Purple Crush - Shopping on the Dancefloor
Armand Van Helden - Playhouse

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Montag - Going Places - Raw Steel Album Review

Artist: Montag
Album: Going Places
Label: Carpark
Rating: B

Vancouver based Montag (Antione Bedard) has a lot of friends; Final Fantasy, M83, Amy Millan, Au Revoir Simone to name a few. These are all regionally based collaborators/friends based in Canada. Despite each giving their own flair, all in all, it’s still a solo effort that Bedard is solely responsible for.

His album, Going Places, is characterized by everything positive. More up-beat than Air and Zero 7 and less lyrical than Belle and Sebastian.

Sometimes singing in French can be a good relief from listening to clich├ęs leaving the sense that his words are exactly what we are thinking. That alone can make the song ‘our own’.

Bedard attempts to take the listener on a voyage through his ideas (musically) accompanied by simple poems set to simple harmonies. He goes back and forth between a tangible pop song and multi layered soundscapes leaving only those wishing to complete it left with it’s full potential.

-Raw Steel

Best Boy Electric
No One Else
Going Places <----M83 influence to the max
Teen Angst (Montag Remix)
1. I Have Sound (with M83)
2. Best Boy Electric
3. Mechanical Kids (with Amy Millan of Stars)
4. Alice (with Ghislain Poirier)
5. 322 Water (with Ida Nilsen)
6. Softness, I forgot Your Name (with Final Fantasy)
7. Safe in Sound (with Amy Millan of Stars)
8. Hi-5 au DJ
9. Hands Off, Creature! (with Leah Abramson)
10. (Plus Grand Que) (with Victoria Legrand of Beach House)
11. No One Else (with Au Revoir Simone)
12. Going Places