Monday, May 28, 2007

Swede "Sunday" (Swedish Love)

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove.

Sweden has come a long way invading our beaches with AWESOME music. Most notable acts include: The Knife, PB&J & Jens Lekman.
Other home country heroes include Jose Gonzalez, Hello Saferide & Hell on Wheels. This is not by any means where the list ends. It seems that Sweden has used the Internet in the past decade to unleash it's musical gems, and I'm here to reciprocate.

Andres Lokko is a Swedish music journalist who lives in London. He says that while the word “indie” is often associated in other countries with guitar-based music, in Sweden it has a broader meaning. “The Swedish definition of indie has much more in common with the original term: that it is independent music,” he says. “What would be labeled electronica or some other genre in the UK or the States is defined as indie in Sweden, whereas the music that is actually guitar-based – the post-Oasis pop songs – is considered to be pretty much mainstream.”

“You can tell that music is Swedish just from the melody,” says Lokko. “Because English is the language of pop music, there is always more emphasis in Sweden on melodies. And Sweden is cold, so maybe we need sweeter melodies.

“Perhaps there’s a higher level of musical integrity in Sweden. It seems that bands are less likely to follow the prevailing ‘scene’ than in the UK or USA. Having a government that makes some effort to be supportive of musicians must help too.”
– Huw Rees, boss of Stereo Test Kit Records, quoted on

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I'm jumping head first into Swedish music so I'm using this post as a basis for further posts. Above is the "master playlist" for Swedish music (as we, Americans, know it). What I hope to discover, each Sunday, is that there are many more acts worthy of recognition.

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