Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeasayer is coming! Mp3 - 2080


This Saturday, Frog Eyes is headlining a show here in Bloomington (IN) at 9:00 at the Bluebird. The Impossible Shapes and Yeasayer are the openers. I've heard a lot about Frog Eyes and homegrown heroes, Impossible Shapes, but never heard any of their music. . . unfortunately.

Another unfortunate thing is that Yeasayer is going on stage during my radio show!!! If you don't listen to my show (Saturday 8:00 PM, then you'd better be there!

I don't know if I can listen to this awesome tune by Yeasayer much longer seeing as I will be unable to make the show. Hopefully I can make it for the Impossible Shapes and Frog Eyes to take some candid snaps for RawSteel. are those meese making out?

Here's Yeasayer. Wonderful! (hope there are malfunctions that delay the show ;)

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