Thursday, May 31, 2007

Handsome Furs - Plague Park - Raw Steel Album Review

Artist: Handsome Furs
Album: Plague Park
Label: Polydor
Rating: B+

Handsome Furs consists of Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and his fiancée, Alexei Perry. This is their first album, entitled Plague Park. Boeckner has honed in on his voice, instrumentation, lyrics and has added a few new electronic sounds. Handsome Furs achieve what many bands these days are attempting, maybe they do so well because Boeckner was apart of writing those rules with Wolf Parade.

Listening to Wolf Parades Apologies For The Queen Mary, it’s hard to differentiate between Spencer Krug and Boeckner. Here, it is now revealed as to who is responsible for what sounds. Boeckner reminds us of the unforgettable sporatic keyboards, the lengthy bass synths, and song structure in general.

There are times where their songs can cause a loss of attention, never to redeem themselves, although, power and intensity remain driving factors throughout the album and make for some spine tingling moments. Tell that to Sufjan Stevens.

Lyrically, ‘ghosts, homes and towns’ remain a staple. The lyrics when looked at by themselves create a sense of strong pessimism but only through eyes that have experienced, like those of Boekner.

Notes act as pigeons, and Boeckner shoots/sings each one to pieces with laser blue-blocker glasses equiped. The album dies down near the end, but with as strong an effort given, Handsome Furs deserve much praise.

-Raw Steel

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mix-Tape Wednesdays

Hey, Mix-Tape Wednesdays here. Todays mix concerns people -- pessimistic, cynical, humorous and sarcastic views on people. People have always been a topic in music, but here is a collection of straight up PEOPLE. These are the kind of songs for those who are fed up. Each artist could care less if they sell their music to exactly who they despise. So, these songs are for those of you saying, RawSteel:

I Hate People, But I Love Talkin' Bout 'em

It ends with some hope for man-kind.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Maccabees Colour It In - Raw Steel Album Review

Artists: The Maccabees
Album: Colour It In
Label: Polydor
Rating: C-

The Maccabees hail from Brighton, England but a musical ear hears an American neo-yelp band trying to sound British. A few years back I made a forgotten wager with a girl that The Arcade Fire sound was going to be the new mainstream. After hearing Interpol, Bloc Party, The Futureheads, Franz Ferdinand, etc get so much attention, it didn’t take long until a band like The Decemberists burst on the scene (thanks to Stephen Colbert). The Maccabees are in the discipline of the former mentioned bands, placing them in limbo between trend-setting and mainstream acts.

Lyrical themes on their new album, Colour It In, suggest; teen angst, ‘new love insecurities’ and a feeling that even going to the supermarket is a struggle, as the song Lego suggests- “So look left and look right, cross the road and hold my hand”.

A band written off as ‘the same of the same’ is a hasty critique. The Maccabees won’t be your favorite band, but they will force you to either rethink some of your favorite bands of the genre or to simple turn them off and put your favorites in.

Orlando Weeks, ironically, can’t seem to get away from conformist lyrics as in the song Latchmere -- “Madames and Monsieurs please return to your cubicles”. He sure loves the ever-present anti-ignorant topic, ANTI-CHRISTIANity, which, must be said, is a beaten horse due to the Internets vast dissemination of atheist/agnostic values. In all, more of a conforming act is to dis on the almighty. Weeks makes one want to believe in God again to keep their statuscool, as he suggests in his own singing-- “Symetricool, hypocriticool, analyticool, so criticool”.

It’s not all bad for bands that come out with identical content to their predecessors. There’s always that person that stumbles upon a band like The Maccabees and gets introduced to a new sound --possible candidates: a tweener, a 52 year old man in a mid-life crisis, and that Geico caveman. The album does indeed sound solid (a positive) despite the review completed before it began.

-Raw Steel

Beastie Boys Remixes by Leo Nevoli

Heres a lil' mix for y'all to peep, it's called L-E-O Nevilo does it again.A few days back I posted some ill remix tracks from Leo Nevilo (myspace). You know, the man who's heralding in our NYC heroes' (Sirs, The Beastie Boys) new instrumental album, The Mix- Up <0-0-0-0-nice>

Monday, May 28, 2007

Swede "Sunday" (Swedish Love)

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove.

Sweden has come a long way invading our beaches with AWESOME music. Most notable acts include: The Knife, PB&J & Jens Lekman.
Other home country heroes include Jose Gonzalez, Hello Saferide & Hell on Wheels. This is not by any means where the list ends. It seems that Sweden has used the Internet in the past decade to unleash it's musical gems, and I'm here to reciprocate.

Andres Lokko is a Swedish music journalist who lives in London. He says that while the word “indie” is often associated in other countries with guitar-based music, in Sweden it has a broader meaning. “The Swedish definition of indie has much more in common with the original term: that it is independent music,” he says. “What would be labeled electronica or some other genre in the UK or the States is defined as indie in Sweden, whereas the music that is actually guitar-based – the post-Oasis pop songs – is considered to be pretty much mainstream.”

“You can tell that music is Swedish just from the melody,” says Lokko. “Because English is the language of pop music, there is always more emphasis in Sweden on melodies. And Sweden is cold, so maybe we need sweeter melodies.

“Perhaps there’s a higher level of musical integrity in Sweden. It seems that bands are less likely to follow the prevailing ‘scene’ than in the UK or USA. Having a government that makes some effort to be supportive of musicians must help too.”
– Huw Rees, boss of Stereo Test Kit Records, quoted on

Quotes from

I'm jumping head first into Swedish music so I'm using this post as a basis for further posts. Above is the "master playlist" for Swedish music (as we, Americans, know it). What I hope to discover, each Sunday, is that there are many more acts worthy of recognition.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Raw Steel - Rawdio Show

My first Rawdio show of the Summer was as well orchestrated as I wanted with a LOT of room to grow. I'm quite happy with this show and even got a few callers, specifically a dude at Subway who apprehensively requested The Mars Volta. I've got exactly what the doctor ordered next week. *Note* The Subway he called from was the same Subway that Jared completed his infamous weight loss walk/eat, all despite rumors that his apartment was less than 50 feet away.

These tunes have been backed up for about 2 months now, so they're extra fresh. These are mostly dance/disco from 2007. They are grouped by the name of the first song of each clip, but it is all one continuous show. For song listings; Click on that button on the top right ('open track in new window') while a clip is playing, then look around the middle of the page.

Tune in next Saturday 8-10pm EDT (stream)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Kalle J - Unga Hjarten (exclusive b-side!)

The wonderful crew at Unga Hjarten (video) (a young label grounded in Sweden) have sent me, what I am dubbing, my first exclusive, and I couldn't be more excited!

This tune is just plain fun! A piano ballad turned disco. Imagine a slew of people running out to greet that young heart in the middle of the dance floor. If anyone can help me out on a translation on the lyrics, if at all, to this song, I would greatly appreciate it. I hear 'unga hjarten' in there, but maybe I'm just tricking myself because of the title.

If this is a b-side, well, the album is gonna rip some faces off!

Kalle J - Unga Hjarten (young hearts) buy

If you haven't heard what's causing the buzz around here, here's your chance to catch up. Song of the summer, ALREADY!

Kalle J - Vinglag buy

I was going to save this new track for my newest feature here on RawSteel, unveiled on Sunday, but I'll tell you anyways.

Sunday is Swede Sunday, soon to be called, simply, Swedish Love! I'm quite excited about new music coming out of Sweden, as well as the "love" pouring in from the country to my site. Check back soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yeasayer is coming! Mp3 - 2080


This Saturday, Frog Eyes is headlining a show here in Bloomington (IN) at 9:00 at the Bluebird. The Impossible Shapes and Yeasayer are the openers. I've heard a lot about Frog Eyes and homegrown heroes, Impossible Shapes, but never heard any of their music. . . unfortunately.

Another unfortunate thing is that Yeasayer is going on stage during my radio show!!! If you don't listen to my show (Saturday 8:00 PM, then you'd better be there!

I don't know if I can listen to this awesome tune by Yeasayer much longer seeing as I will be unable to make the show. Hopefully I can make it for the Impossible Shapes and Frog Eyes to take some candid snaps for RawSteel. are those meese making out?

Here's Yeasayer. Wonderful! (hope there are malfunctions that delay the show ;)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mix-Tape Wednesdays!

The site needs some regularities besides Beastie Boys updates, agree? Me too.

Every Wednesday I will be delivering a mix with a theme. Nice and straight forward. We all love making mixes. I just learned recently that it's actually a good move when looking to score to make a "mix" for her, and it's not considered cheesy. Similar to Tiny Mix Tapes, I'll be taking suggestions for mixes, so throw me a line in the comment box or just check in every Wednesday, I've got mix ideas for life! Mix ideas can be as vague or specific as you'd like, challenge me!

My first mix is one I've honed in for the past few years. The theme. . .


I tell people that I'm able to wake up at 5 in the morning and complete an 8 page paper from scratch that's due that day. They believe me (I think), but always say they could never do it. For free, this is my secret. Coffee and hard nosed, subtle shifting instrumentals. Pop it in and faghetaboudit!

Some say listening to music while studying or sleeping is distracting. I'm begging to differ.

(I've got another daily feature to be unveiled this Sunday after my show, it's gone make headlines!)

Beastie Boys Remix - Oh word?

Leading up to the release of The Mix-Up, the Beastie festivities continue.

Awhile ago, the Beatsies sent out a cappella tracks to be used for home-made remixes. I downloaded them for their lyrical quality, and forgot about them since. A dude from Austria didn't forget. This little mix is nice on the ears and brings out the timbrel qualities of a true Beatsies flow . Copped from Covert Curiosity, here's the home-made remix of 'Oh Word?' by Leo Nevilo

Oh Word? (Leo Nevilo remix)

Monday, May 21, 2007

Mp3s: Codebreaker, Artymove, Apparat, Bjorn Torske, and New Justice Mp3

An international mix. From Milwaukee, Sweden, Germany and Norway respectably. (and Justice for all!)

Artist: Codebreaker
Mp3: Exiled! & Are You Ready to Love?
Album: Exiled
Codebreaker put together an awesome album all around. I could sit here and compare it to old 70's stuff, but frankly, it's very disco-themed 2007. I see 2007 at a pace to bat .400 in dance beats with a slugging % well over .700 in retro funky bass lines. Codebreaker has set a new standard this year and you DON'T NEED NO INVITE.
Artist: Artymove
Mp3: Say No More
Album: Bones
Website myspace
Not sure that I would have found Artymove if it hadn't been for my love of what's coming out of Sweden right now. As a duo, these 2 deliver some good electronic music. The video on the site is, first of all, in high resolution/awesome quality. Not sure where I've been, but I'm throwing my youtube away. The antagonist/boyfriend in the video looks like that dumbass from Fallout Boy. Besides him, the Swedes have done it again and I look forward to more.
Artist: Apparat
Mp3: Arcadia
Album: Walls

The intro sets the tone for further discovery. Apparat (from Germany) is similar to one of my favorite IDMers Julian Fane who just came out with an album himself.
Artist: Bjorn Torske
Mp3: Loe Bar
Album: Fiel Knapp

Norse electronic guru, Bjorn Torske has done it here with some dreamy poppy doodoo beats. The song is what you hear, what you get. What you may not expect is his picture on hispace. Love it. He's right, don't let yourself be programmed, but what he didn't mention is that he's a master programmer. The off-beats near the end may put take the listener back to earth avoiding programming, but not before a breech of mental security.

Artist: Justice
Mp3: Valentine & Let There Be Light
Album: †

One of the less known tracks to be released or leaked. Valentine shows that the album isn't all about dancing to hard industrial beats even though Phantom and Never Be Alone are stupendous (not to mention the video sweeping the net D.A.N.C.E.) There really is no wonder why this album is getting so much hype. This is certainly at the forefront of trend-setting here in the beginning of summer. Like I've said before, I could see this album pulling a Gnarls-Barkley crossover sparked by the internet and it's 'mysterious buzz'. Awesome to see the album isn't based solely around singles as the song starts and ends as if it were a cohesive part of something larger. Hold on albums, the single hasn't taken you over yet!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Spoon Video, from GA GA GA GA GA (Five Ga's. . . I think?)

****I didn't expect this video to be posted EVERYWHERE, but hey, I posted it on Sunday. That says something about RS' on the cutting edge abilities, right? My post is still the best out there (bringing you sticky opinions and concretables!)**** 5/21

No really, we're being Spoon fed? Why are you guys holding out? And why are you using the omnipresent 'Ghost' cliche?

I saw these guys play a free concert here in Bloomington a few months ago, and it most certainly rocked, catapulting me into a bona-fide fan.

I've put Ga Ga Ga Ga on many spins and am pleased. That's not the issue. The song, 'The Ghost of You Lingers' Spoon has chosen for their first multimedia taste of the album is suspect. Can it be said Spoon has reached the Rock n Roll holy grail and can. . . do whatever they want?! I hope this is the case, because the tune is lackluster at most, worthy of being nothing more than a closer. A connection I see with today's music scene approach links to LCD Soundsystem's faster tempoed, 'All My Friends', which takes the cake. (Does James Murphy look like GW in this video to anyone else?)

So here's the video for the new "single" (we'll have to call it)... (neglecting more radio friendly candidates such as 'Don't You Evah' and 'You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb' (shown far left under headlines). The video belongs as a bonus on a DVD, and not something to be premiered on YouTube. I could have been patient.

Here, a video that does belong on Youtube, on the other hand. The song/video that cemented Spoon as a mainstay through repeated plays on the boob - 'I Turn My Camera On'

VIDEO plus Mp3 - 'Kalle J - Vingslag', from SWEDEN

From the Label Unga Hjartan

If you haven't been keeping up to date with RS, then here's your chance to catch up!

Kalle J's video for the top summer 2007 song (so far), Vingslag (translation -> 'translation'*or* 'in the context') evokes many things: intense emotion, sincerity and auralgasms, all accompanied by a powerful synth orchestra and other sounds possibly coming from some kind of interplanetary angelic choir. If you have been keeping score, you'd know, there's LOTS OF LIONS!

The video can be seen here and an Mp3 here

Directed by well-tuned cinematographer Marcus Soderlund, the song couldn't have been put to visuals any better. Marcus' site is a true delight. Each and every video shown in stellar quality resolution, needless to say they're great by themselves!

Vingslag (heard in much better quality!) will be the highlight of my first radio show of the summer which kicks off this Saturday night starting at 8 pm EDT(MARK IT!).

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Beastie Boys *teaser* Video "Off the Grid" from 'The Mix-Up'

Just give 'em some wood and they'll build you a cabinet, the Beastie Boys announced just weeks ago a new album is coming out, then came hitting the ground running. It's nice to see they're not prolonging the release. What great anticipation, nonetheless (June 24th). BOOM! in the studio...

Hey, Beastie Boy updates up the whazoo to come.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Gunz n Budda Issue Singles, Child Proof Magazine to Follow

Home grown here in Bloomington, GunZ n' Budda (pronounced like butter) Productions is hard at work cranking out songs that soak the heart with a carefully fermented wine.

A proper mixed album is on it's way, headed by the 3; Nicholas Peters, Kristin Emery and Paris myspace

Setting moods to sit on the porch or clean the house, swish these 3 songs around in your ear to get the sweetness in it's entirety.

This sounds similar to another new beautiful voice, Sofia Talik (mp3)of Sweden, a country that's coming out with some incredible acts and... videos of lions :)

**Attenntion** A side project associated with the 3 an online magazine with features stemming from all sorts of multimedia. The site isn't quite up and running yet, so be patient, updates to come!

Glass Candy - Chameleon (from 'I Always Say Yes')

Glass Candy

Glass Candy has been lighting up the blogs since January.

She holds my award for 'most mysterious anticipated album of the year'. The song 'Chameleon' has just the right beat for my pace of walk. What a sultry voice to be accompanied by!

Below is a song previously posted but can't be posted enough.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dan le Sac VS scroobius pip + My favorite existentialist - David Shrigley

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip (myspace)

Here's another double video entry of epic proportions (found below). The theme today is - thinkin' bout stuff.

Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip (Dan, the better twin brother of Matisyahu), rips off commandments one after another, forcing the watcher to. . . think 'bout stuff. These 2 guys appear to be huge in England right now as their space views indicate. Part of the music scene he discusses in the video keeps me in check for posting on this very blog.

"I agree with everything he says and I also disagree with everything he says" -me
What a trite as well as profound thing to say, me. Whoa, he really does have an effect. He's right, The Beatles are just a band. A band that had a ton of moldable minds and resources at it's dispense. You know, I hate The Beatles (their music being the LAST of the reasons for my disliking of them, but still a part, i.e. paperback wriiiiiiter).

I found the first video in Pony Stone Hands' space, where he is the keeper of many more videos that 'delight the soul', well, not so much.

The video far below is from my favorite "existentialist", David Shrigley. Just thought I'd throw it in there.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Beastie Boys **UPDATE** - dUN TolD YA so! Rat Cage & Electric Worm

If y'all haven't heard, why don'tchya catch up!?

Got my grubby lil' fingers on these 2 mp3's fast. Freshess like lettuce, tomato & munster on rye, these two new ditties gonna make ya'' cry. Waking up at 5 in the morning does have it's benefits. I don't have much news about these 2, so sit back and peep with yaearhole.

A collective less than 30 plays total. THIS IS RYPE! I'm buyin a copy on June 24th (lil promo)

Moi Caprice & Gui Boratto

Hey, this is a video oriented website. Here are 2 that go well together.

Moi Caprice has been hiding in Denmark since the late nineties, all the while winning a TON of awards, including 'best Danish band'. The video goes through the typical story of some dude, named Michael, whom is supposed to be the lead singer. There are a ton of subtleties in this video, pay close attention.
(the high-res version - highly recommended)

Here's the video for 'Beautiful Life' by Gui Boratto. I first discovered this song on a basement dance floor. It pretty much kicked off the night. (I've been coppin' a lot from pitchfork, but hey, don't bite the hand that feeds ya.) The video just has that touch of GawD. It's as if it was just kind of . . . filmed, without any directing involved. That can be both good and bad for director, Cadú Datoro

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beastie Boys - The Mix-Up **Caution** Mike D MCA & Ad-Rock are Back to the Primitive

Beastie Boys

Here's a quote from the boys. Peep this.

"It's back up. Ok, so why do these fools keep blasting me with these e-mails? But this is real. New site goes up today. Check it. All types of foolishness. Bloggishness, and even the odd new tour date. International, y'all! Hope you enjoy."

Their official website says it all folks. The B-Boys are back with fresh takes on old ideas.

Expect at least a weekly update about the Beasties here at Raw Steel up until the massive LAUNCH of their newest album The Mix-Up, out June 24th.

Reminiscent of the instrumental compilation album, "The in Sounds From Way Out".

DOPE, SICK, and just plain STOOPendous!

Check Your Head

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Go Team *New Single*


Remember when The Go! Team was tetering on the verge of extinction? Well, the sampling copyright fits are over and their 2nd album is on it's way.

Slated for a September release, the new album has some guest appearances (but not so many that it makes the album not their own i.e. *Dntel*). Included is a band from Brazil (home of Cansei De Ser Sexy, loosely translated - 'Tired of being sexy') that goes by the name Bonde Do Role, loosely translated to 'Trams of rolls it'. . . sounds a little sketchy, I need to brush up on my Portuguese.

When The Go! Team came to Indianapolis, the crowd was a snoozefest but they performed as if we had just won the Super Bowl (which occurred 3 months later, GO COLTS!)

The Go! Team - Grip Like a Vice (pitchforkmedia)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Digitilism - Pogo

Excellent video from Digitalism.

Their album Idealism is slated for a June 11th release. There is something in the air, a-whoa-ho.

Thanks to Brad for this one.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Dan Deacon

A formal introduction to Dan Deacon is unnecessary, who knows how he'll take it. <-----That was in cahoots with this guy, huh? ? ?

His album dropped this week and so far is getting great reviews.

He's seen as heading a new genre centered in Baltimore known as 'future shock'. Loosely defined, future shock uses laptops, gadgets, synthesizers, electro acoustics and voice modulators. Oh yea, and goofy humor. This clip is a wonderful introduction to the man.

This future shock doesn't sound too far out there, but hey, new genres are always welcome. His album is wonderful the entire way through. The face doesn't match the dare I say, beauty of some songs on the album (i.e. Pink Batman)

Check it out for yourself

If you're still holding on, this one's a BLAST!

Breaking News * Bill Callahan IS MCA

Bill Callahan of Smog

Ok, so the title's a little lame, anyways, striking resemblance, no? That's always a fun game :)

MCA of. . . Y'all should know by now

Spawning From Sweden, I Bring You. . .

Kalle J - Vingslag

Although I was the last to discover 'Planet Earth', it seems this video alone can make up for that.

LOTS OF LIONS!!! Lot's of symbolic 'carnivoric broken hearts'.

Speaking of lots. . . theres a lot of folks in the music scene using this technique for video making, but this is the best I've seen by far. (it has it's fair share of epic moments)

DJ's Continued (Bloomington, IN)

Remixing everything that is now. . . including, Justice' (D.A.N.C.E.)

Consider it worthy!

Witnessing DJ Action Jackson alongside Flufftronix made me a believer in the mixing scene here in Bloomington, IN. These guys have what it takes to break the bank!

Fluffy is on a National Tour with Curtis Vodka this summer, BEST OF LUCK!!!

Hot Chip remix Junior Boys

This remix can do no wrong, Hot Chip Remixing Junior Boys. It's long, so why don't you surf awhile?

I love it.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Ok, I just started my new label. . . 'The List', which you can see below this video, and for those who don't know, by clicking on it, you will be linked to all of those female vocalists I consider to be . . . well . . . on 'my list'. As of this moment, it's just Feist and Roisin.

So because of the new and FIRST feature of the site, I had to put on Feist. Enjoy, if you haven't seen it yet (if this is true, then I'm a little jealous :*)

Ramalama Bang Bang

Roisin Murphy is gearing up for a Summer of seduction, (that's right, I said it). Former (and rumored to be reunited) member of Moloko, Roisin makes my list, if ya know what I mean. Yes, I'm very excited for it.

Out July 2nd.

Here's your refresher from 2005's Ruby Blue

click to comment

New 'Dungen' Album - Tio Bitar

Scandinavian roke and role! Dungen. There's not too much difference between the old and the new, but certainly tried and true.



(expect some construction to the site this weekend with some new and utterly fascinating features)

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Blog Progress

Wow, it's almost my 1 week anniversary. This blog is certainly taking shape.

****STAY TUNED****
(Gimme some feedback on progress, until then, enjoy a summer-like lazy day)

The Pharcyde - Soul Flower (Remix)

Camp Lo - Luchini (This is it)

Noonday Underground - London

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Fujiya & Miyagi ***New Video***

A quote through a quote from stereogum, The video-----
"Is a dicey mosaic and pixilated scraps of Pin Art portraits for Brighton electro trio Fujiya & Miyagi with this clip from ankle injuries"

And the song is about...

"walking to school as a kid and finishing a porno mag in the middle of the road and realizing that a female's genitalia is different from a male's"
(Their words, not ours.)"

A little reminiscent of a video I once knew . . . ? ? ? (I like the one above much better)

New Architecture in Helsinki

Australia's Architecture in Helsinki have been traveling the world since their last AWESOME album, In Case We Die, gathering world sounds to lace their new album, Places Like This.

This song certainly got better once I saw the video, WELL PLAYED.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bloomingtons Own - Flufftronix

Flufftronix (a dj here in Bloomington) is showcased on Big Stereo

Nice choices Fluff, even though we've only met once (in passing), well, actually 2wice (@ Square Donuts)

'The Books' New Video

"Some clips are certainly funny, but as always with the Books it's an inclusive humor and never feels like mocking. In a recent interview in the Wire, Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars theorizes that the human mind is incapable of both "experiencing" and "judging" at the same time; this video, like the best of the Books music, reminds us of what pure experience feels like" -pitchfork-

The song comes from the album The Lemon Pink released 4 years ago

Their website is nicely done highlighted by the SPOOOOONBOOOOOOOX.

Coconut Records - West Coast AKA Jason Shwartzman from. . . I HEART HUCKABEES!!!

This really IS sung by Jason Schwartzman under the alias Coconut Records. Kudos.

Ok, this video is a bummer*** it comes on when it wants to, here's the You Tube Link that's PERMANENT.

Monday, May 7, 2007

NEW ROISIN MURPHY!!! (caught me not even looking)


I never could get enough of Roisin
Murphy after her COLLAB with Herbert. Check out his website , (specifically the Audio and Visual tabs which show his unique/natural style of making music)

Sunday, May 6, 2007


My prediction (no lyin), this just may very well be the next 'Gnarls Barkley' (Citing good song with mainstream potential accompanied by an incredibly produced video)

Saturday, May 5, 2007