Saturday, June 9, 2007

Swede Sunday - Swedish Love

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove.

Sweden just has that sound to be desired. Christmas on a warm day, an oxymoron that becomes a reality through these gems.


The following Mp3s and descriptions come from a site that features Swedish music to the brim-- SwedesPlease

Montt Mardie isn't the only swede obsessed with the past. Today we get two songs from Peter Nilsson someone as caught up in the past as Montt. Here's his own account of the meaning behind these songs:

Sometimes I make stuff on my own. Sometimes I hear something so good I want to incorporate it with my compositions. Sometimes I feel a little lost in my music and need to sense the presence of someone or something else in there. Sounds from the 70s, words from the 60s, machines from the 80s, things I’ve done and places I want to go. Roughly sketched out in these two songs.

Get Nowhere
Song For Stina


Tor and Leo make up this dup who met at a rhetorics class and quickly discovered their shared interest in electronic music. Their first single, "Fasit", has received support and play by dj's around the world, Swedish National Radio and by stations in Austrailia, the Uk, Estonia and South Africa. Here' are two more tracks from 2007 that should appear on their Adrian Recordings debut sometime in the fall.



For The Eardrums has already written up the new debut ep by Norma. He's gone ahead and used all the good adjectives (like "hypnotic", "panoramic", "ambient", "magnificent", and "warmth") leaving me with little else to say. "The Storm" is the first track off the ep and it builds like any big storm moving across the plains states. This is pretty EPIC stuff, the stuff of legends really. The single is over 8 minutes so these guys aren't going for teenybopper radio. You lucky Europeans can buy this Novoton release here through Klicktrack.


Säkert!'s a band with an exclamation mark and "Sanningsdan"'s the kind of song that makes you stamp your foot in exclamation marks, each toe-tap leaving an aspirate gasp in the air. "Safe!" the band-name means, like safety is something awesome and amazing, which I guess it is, or like you're playing hide-and-seek and you totally just won. It's a new project by Annika Norlin, aka Hello Saferide, aka a voice who is dear to Said the Gramophone, but here singing in Swedish. And at 1:19 she squawks like a buzzard and at 1:43 the drums start playing fast enough to turn the worlds' oceans to ice, and the chorus is horns and ahhs and drums and harmonies and the certainty of new splendours always just around the bend.

Säkert! - Sanningsdan


Monkey Bastard said...

Wow that Säkert song is really good, never heard that one before. Thanks for sharing!

Pete said...

Norma's song is awesome. Must check out the rest of the EP. Thanks.

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