Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Liars Mp3 x 3

The running for my 'favorite album for the 2nd half of the year' has it's first contestant. LIARS with their new self-titled album, LIARS.

Amazingly, I dig this album after being null-setted from last years highly acclaimed Drum's Not Dead. My favorite song on that album was the first one, which didn't sound like ANY of the others. Go figure.

Here we have so many different sounds; worthy as a collection of 'The History of Indie Rock As We Know It, and Then Some'. I hear sounds from the likes of: Pavement, Death From Above 1979, Grizzly Bear, Porno For Pyros and truely so many more. Each sound plus it's respective lyrics go together as cohesive as it gets, and you can't forget about the psychedelic tunes speaking to the heart of the shroom-heads. Call it a concept album , call it art rock, call it zealous.

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