Monday, June 4, 2007

LCD Soundystem vs. Beastie Boys - A Raw Steel Original MP3 Mash Up

The Beasties have released what they've got for now. It's been awhile since an update from them, so I took matters into my own hands. You may remember Leo Nevolis remixes from a few weeks back, if not, check 'em out. After that's done, check out my killer mixed track of LCD Soundsystem - Someone Great and The Beastie Boys - Triple Trouble. It has it's moments for sure.

Don't forget about my 'Beastie Boys Biography' show on Saturday, June 23rd 8pm EDT, only on WIUX.ORG.

here it is:

LCD Soundystem vs. The Beastie Boys - Raw Steel original
'Thank you' to anonymous for commenting so quickly on my mix, I'm not a producer/mixer/turntablist by any means.


Anonymous said...

This is terrible

Dell laptop lcd screen said...

I actually have a really gr8 buddy of mine who is in the media industry and he has choreographed their music video and after seeing the video it was great! I would not change a thing I mean it was truly amazing! Beastie boys is actually a bit old school for me, but the beats are still original and gotta be fun! Well, have fun and enjoy your days!