Monday, June 4, 2007

Matthew Dear - Asa Breed - Raw Steel Album Review Mp3

Artist: Matthew Dear
Album: Asa Breed
Label: Ghostly International
Rating: A-

Spawning from a 'breed' of producers and DJ’s from Southern Michigan (Ann Arbor, Detroit), Matthew Dear isn’t as completely micro-house on this album as his biography suggests. A more accessible Matthew Dear smells of success.

Dear may be an accomplished booty-shaker maker, but his songs on his third album, Asa Breed, are composed as slower tempo-ed dance tracks sung (figuratively), not on a stage, but from the corner of a room. Dear holds attention despite his unique deep, guttural ‘air-voice’ (analogous with ‘air-guitar’). As exclaimed from the press release, Dear has decided to use more organic sounds on this album, and it shows. International sounds are prevalent, including the Caribbean track, Elementary Lover.

Lyrically, Dear lives in his own world... a world that is synonymous with everyday life but has a tinge of wisdom and 'tried and failed' experience with those who he’s close to. Dear doesn’t seem as if his life is a wreck as his lyric sheet may suggest though as this album is sung more on a bad day, than a bad year. The day when one stops and takes a look around to discover that nothing makes sense the way it should.

Dear seems to know more about life than he should which leaves him paralyzed to making music. Communicating with his audience, his lyrics are rather straightforward-- “There’s a big hole in my life”. Pretty straightforward. These types of lyrics can open up ears. We all can either relate, or just take enjoyment in hearing others break down.

Finding love is hard for Dear, but it sounds like his standards are quite high. He’s looking for the ever evasive girl with the right personality and not the girl who can be bought, as he sings, “I’ve got to figure out love, it’s such a tricky thing, can’t include diamond rings, will make you scream and shout, if there is no way out”.

M.D. brings a well rounded album and leaves room for a sequel. Refreshing for the mid-20 year old. The first 3 tracks provide a thesis statement for the rest of the album. His sounds and influences are too numerous to mention, as are many coming from a DJ background. Beyond track 3, Deserter (highlight of the album), Dear lets his hair down, as the album slowly gets less danceable and more personal.

-Raw Steel


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