Sunday, June 17, 2007

Swede Sunday - Swedish Love

Welcome to Swede Sunday! Swedish Looove.

Like usual, I'm bringing you the holiest Swedish music from around the globe...huh?

The First 2 entries come straight from one of my new favorite blogs: BiBaBiDi
One of the few blogs where EVERY post is well thought out + a great design

"Songs I Wish I Had Written, a Swedish pop label, has been behind many spectacular acts ... from the Lovekevins to Unarmed Enemies. The music on the label is consistently poppy and melodic and oh-so-charming, and I can't ever get enough of anything that's synthy and dancey. Clearly, Songs I Wish I Had Written is the label for me.

The newest release is Moto Boy. How to describe him? Hm ... imagine Antony (of Antony & the Johnsons) doing electro-pop with dancier hooks and beats.
Moto Boy has a very floaty, sweet voice, and in this case, I think it works perfectly. I bet he's super theatrical and dramatic when performing, but hey, good stage presence always spices up any show. "

Moto Boy - Blue Motor Bike

"Last year Familjen released an EP (some of the songs are below or up on the MySpace page)

One quirkier thing about Familjen is that Johan Karlsson (the one guy in the studio group) sings solely in Swedish! You never hear that anymore! It's always English these days! So I appreciate his willingness to stick to his mother tongue and work it from that angle. "

'Bring Me the Fucking Riot... Man - I Sold My Soul on Ebay'

As I was first watching this video, I was thinking about turning that dial, then the chorus hit. Hehaw. Remember when Bart Simpson sold his soul to Milhouse? ----Yea, that's right, the name of the band is 'Bring Me the Fucking Riot... Man'. -->>where i found this<<--

Loney, Dear - Saturday Waits'
"too cyoote"- Raw Steel


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