Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Moi Caprice & Gui Boratto

Hey, this is a video oriented website. Here are 2 that go well together.

Moi Caprice has been hiding in Denmark since the late nineties, all the while winning a TON of awards, including 'best Danish band'. The video goes through the typical story of some dude, named Michael, whom is supposed to be the lead singer. There are a ton of subtleties in this video, pay close attention.
(the high-res version - highly recommended)

Here's the video for 'Beautiful Life' by Gui Boratto. I first discovered this song on a basement dance floor. It pretty much kicked off the night. (I've been coppin' a lot from pitchfork, but hey, don't bite the hand that feeds ya.) The video just has that touch of GawD. It's as if it was just kind of . . . filmed, without any directing involved. That can be both good and bad for director, CadĂș Datoro

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