Friday, May 18, 2007

Gunz n Budda Issue Singles, Child Proof Magazine to Follow

Home grown here in Bloomington, GunZ n' Budda (pronounced like butter) Productions is hard at work cranking out songs that soak the heart with a carefully fermented wine.

A proper mixed album is on it's way, headed by the 3; Nicholas Peters, Kristin Emery and Paris myspace

Setting moods to sit on the porch or clean the house, swish these 3 songs around in your ear to get the sweetness in it's entirety.

This sounds similar to another new beautiful voice, Sofia Talik (mp3)of Sweden, a country that's coming out with some incredible acts and... videos of lions :)

**Attenntion** A side project associated with the 3 an online magazine with features stemming from all sorts of multimedia. The site isn't quite up and running yet, so be patient, updates to come!