Sunday, May 20, 2007

New Spoon Video, from GA GA GA GA GA (Five Ga's. . . I think?)

****I didn't expect this video to be posted EVERYWHERE, but hey, I posted it on Sunday. That says something about RS' on the cutting edge abilities, right? My post is still the best out there (bringing you sticky opinions and concretables!)**** 5/21

No really, we're being Spoon fed? Why are you guys holding out? And why are you using the omnipresent 'Ghost' cliche?

I saw these guys play a free concert here in Bloomington a few months ago, and it most certainly rocked, catapulting me into a bona-fide fan.

I've put Ga Ga Ga Ga on many spins and am pleased. That's not the issue. The song, 'The Ghost of You Lingers' Spoon has chosen for their first multimedia taste of the album is suspect. Can it be said Spoon has reached the Rock n Roll holy grail and can. . . do whatever they want?! I hope this is the case, because the tune is lackluster at most, worthy of being nothing more than a closer. A connection I see with today's music scene approach links to LCD Soundsystem's faster tempoed, 'All My Friends', which takes the cake. (Does James Murphy look like GW in this video to anyone else?)

So here's the video for the new "single" (we'll have to call it)... (neglecting more radio friendly candidates such as 'Don't You Evah' and 'You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb' (shown far left under headlines). The video belongs as a bonus on a DVD, and not something to be premiered on YouTube. I could have been patient.

Here, a video that does belong on Youtube, on the other hand. The song/video that cemented Spoon as a mainstay through repeated plays on the boob - 'I Turn My Camera On'

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Anonymous said...

I really dig this tune. Reminds me of Mick Jagger.