Sunday, May 20, 2007

VIDEO plus Mp3 - 'Kalle J - Vingslag', from SWEDEN

From the Label Unga Hjartan

If you haven't been keeping up to date with RS, then here's your chance to catch up!

Kalle J's video for the top summer 2007 song (so far), Vingslag (translation -> 'translation'*or* 'in the context') evokes many things: intense emotion, sincerity and auralgasms, all accompanied by a powerful synth orchestra and other sounds possibly coming from some kind of interplanetary angelic choir. If you have been keeping score, you'd know, there's LOTS OF LIONS!

The video can be seen here and an Mp3 here

Directed by well-tuned cinematographer Marcus Soderlund, the song couldn't have been put to visuals any better. Marcus' site is a true delight. Each and every video shown in stellar quality resolution, needless to say they're great by themselves!

Vingslag (heard in much better quality!) will be the highlight of my first radio show of the summer which kicks off this Saturday night starting at 8 pm EDT(MARK IT!).